Day 64 of writing Me Here Without You Now

Me Here Without You Now is almost finished. There are still some chapters missing, there are chapters that still have only a few sentences but the main story is finished, the final chapter is written, I’m just filling in the details around the main parts and expanding the shorter bits. I’ve started looking for an editor, it’s time for someone else to read my book. It’s quite scary to finally send this book out in the world although I’m fully aware that one other person reading it is not like really sending it out in the world. But it’s important for me, it’s a huge step for me, it’s a giant step for me to convince myself to write it, it’s an enormous step to actually have it read by someone.

I’ve set up a TikTok account for my dog. It was a bit scary the first day because all I was shown was people shouting at me how to make money online. Then I watched some dog videos and some Pilates videos and the next day all I was shown was dog videos and Pilates videos with only a few people shouting at me how to make money online. So, the next day I looked for some Outlander videos and writer videos. Guess what? Pretty soon, my TikTok was filled with Outlander content and writer videos. I kind of don’t like having no control to choose what videos to see but in a way you also have control just in a different way. Not sure how I feel about it. You can definitely get lost on TikTok because you’re constantly wondering what will come next.

C&J in Outlander are back in Scotland, training an army to fight for a free Scotland while hoping not to fight for a free Scotland at Culloden. Claire copes with PTSD from WW2. The amount of PTSD she has experienced since then is not even recognized but perhaps she just needs longer to catch up with her if she’s now dealing with the PTSD from what three, four years ago or 200 years in the future. The woman is a hero.