Day 10 of publishing Me Here Without You Now

Went to my new school for another meeting with the teacher. So much of everything to remember, got lost again in the hallways, still unsure where my classroom is. Hope I’ll find it on the first day. Luckily, it’s just the one, so once I’ll find it, I’m good. The teacher that is leaving is really helpful and kind in showing me the ropes, today has been our fourth meeting already. Feeling overwhelmed with all the Erasmus+ projects, hope I’ll get into it soon. Travelling abroad in three weeks with students I don’t know. Have a meeting with my project partners tomorrow evening. I’m wondering as my energy shifts towards this new job, my dream teaching position, that my writing will again take a back seat just as I’ve started doing something about it. I sincerely hope not.

I was rejected by an agent today. My first rejection. It was a pretty straigtforward one, just that it’s something she couldn’t get on board with. Didn’t get into any details so don’t know if it’s not her cup of tea or if there’s something wrong with it, hopefully the first. Mustn’t worry about it, right? I’m giving myself time. I’ll get it out there somehow, someday. And if not, I’ll just stick to teaching. Right? I keep reminding myself that it took so long to manifest this dream teaching position. And I got everything I asked for and more. So, maybe my writing dream just needs time too. Or it’ll just fade away. “I hope it comes true, though,” she whispered.

Reading the Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I love it, it’s just the kind of book that I love reading with the existential crisis, depression but also quirky and funny. And while I’m reading it, I’m thinking that I can and I have written something like that, this is much more familiar writing style than that of Diana Gabaldon’s. And yes I started reading Midnight Library before finishing Echo in the Bone, I’m taking a break.

Waiting for Outlander Season 7, they’re promoting it now and trying to get into Vikings Valhalla, keyword trying. Keep forgetting their names. That’s not a good sign, right? Or maybe I’m getting old.