Day 19 of publishing Me Here Without You

I’ve spoken with the cover artist of Me Here Without You. There are two options, one of the girl walking away and one of the treetops in winter. I’m not particularly happy with either of them as I’ve imagined a completely different cover but it is what it is. I don’t know, everyone seems to like the treetops more, so I’ll go with the treetops. Haven’t heard from the publishing company. Praying, hoping, wishing that they will reach out and tell me that they want to read the whole thing, then tell me that they like it and that they want to do it. And then they’ll make a cover for it and it will be the perfect cover just how I imagined it. And they I wake up. I so don’t want to self-publish and I know that if I do self-publish, it’ll take time. And there are so many things that I don’t know about it. I have to start writing my second book, the ideas are pouring in, I just have to make the time and write them down. The scenes are replaying in my head and the third book about Mia is beginning to take shape as well. I have to write it, it’s not really a choice. Just a matter of time.

My first day at the new school is tomorrow. Feeling very nervous, not sure how everything is going to turn out. Hope I find my love for teaching again, hope I get on with my students, hope I found a work home like I always dreamed of. Hope I still have time to write. But I’ll just have to, there’s no other way. I have to write.

I’ve started planning our trip to Scotland in August. Making it happen.