Day 70 of writing Me Here Without You Now

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of this writing thing. Of course, that feeling comes and goes, and sometimes I still stare at a blank page for hours on end, but I’ve realized that the important thing is to just keep going. Even if what I’m writing isn’t perfect, at least I’m making progress.

I’ve been experimenting with different writing routines to see what works best for me. I used to think that I needed complete silence to write, but lately I’ve been enjoying listening to music while I work. I’ve found that certain songs can really help get me into the right mood for a scene or a character. It’s like a soundtrack for my writing. Then I’ll listen to one song on repeat for days. Currently, this is Escapism by Raye.

As I’m getting closer to finishing my book, I’m starting to feel a little nervous about what comes next. It’s never done, is it? You’re so proud of yourself when you start writing, then when you finally finish it, but that’s just the start, right? I know that editing and revising will be a big part of the process, but I’m also thinking about what to do once the book is done. Do I want to try to get it published? Do I want to self-publish? It’s a little overwhelming to think about, but I know that I’ll figure it out when the time comes.

For now, though, I’m just trying to focus on the writing itself. I’m excited to see where my characters will take me next, and I’m looking forward to putting the finishing touches on this book that I’ve poured so much of myself into.

Interviewing, applying for teaching positions. But feeling like if it doesn’t happen, I could be very happy being a writer. How lovely that would be? To just write and earn money for it.

I’d need a separate post for Outlander, so much drama, so much happening. Anyway, before the Battle of Culloden Claire (pregnant again) escapes back to the future with Jamie doomed to die at the battle. Heartbreaking, really. They hadn’t managed to change the course of history, so the Battle of Culloden is still going down and it looks like Jamie is going to die. And now Claire is back in her time. Who knows what Season 3 has to tell?