Day 5 of writing Me Here Without You

I’ve been googling for authors who found success later in life and found a lot of those who were published ONLY after thirty, which is supposeedly later in life. Watched an interview with Tom Ellis how he was late to acting at 17 or something. Surely, there are people who have changed careers after forty?

Still, haven’t found a teaching position, hopefully soon. Mom is worried, told her I could try and write a book, not telling her that I’ve actually already started writing it. And how I loved writing when I was younger. Before life took over and teaching and three kids. She responded with: “Who would want to read it?” Leaving me hurt, honestly. Who would read it though? There are so many books out there. I don’t know.

Haven’t done much of actual writing, feeling a bit discouraged at this point.

I’m on episode 3 of Outlander, it’s getting quite interesting. I thought Claire would go back in time and be with another version of her husband in the past. Plot twist, her husband’s ancestor in the past is a bad person. I guess she’ll find her way back to the future or perhaps be with an attractive red-headed Scot, he’s the only good-looking one on the show. Or both. Will see.

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