Day 10 of writing Me Here Without You Now

I’m writing again! Decided to move my story to Finland. Changed the name of my main character five times. Changed the name of a few other characters about ten times. I’ve opened 24 Word documents for 24 chapters. I’m on Chapter 3. Haven’t figured out the whole story, it’s also different now because it’s moved from Ireland to Finland. Haven’t told anyone about my writing, too afraid of getting some negative feedback. Step by step. Perhaps it’ll never come out, perhaps no one will read it. But it will be written.

Watched The Wedding episode of Outlander. Shocked is a good word to describe it. Claire marries that attractive red-headed Scot. Surprise, surprise! He only marries her in order to save her from her evil husband’s ancestor. Of course! It’s complicated. The whole episode revolves about them needing to consumate their marriage. Of course! Despite the closed door and all. So, Claire has to cheat on her husband who’ll not be born for 200 years. Makes perfect sense. Needless to say, it gets pretty steamy and hot fast. Can’t really believe they filmed it. Apparently, the show is based on a series of books. Haven’t looked them up yet but I’m guessing it’s a female author. She certainly knows her audience, I must say. I could write a book like that. For the girls!

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