Day 12 of writing Me Here Without You Now

I haven’t got the title of the book yet. I’m thinking about Captain Chris Phase or the Year of Captain Chris but that sounds like a fantasy novel, doesn’t it? It doesn’t really sound like a romance book. I don’t know, mulling over it trying to think of something original. I definitely wouldn’t choose a book entitled Captain Chris from a bunch of books. And I am writing this book for people who like the same kind of books like me, aren’t I?

Still haven’t got a teaching position. Went to two interviews. Waited over an hour for on of them although they had given the hour when to arrive. It was with an older male principal who asked me how I got along with the other male principals at other school and if I’m happily married. Needless to say, couldn’t wait to get out of there and although I’d love to be in a classroom again in front of students, I truly hope I don’t have to work there.

I’ve watched Episode Both Sides Now of Outlander, I have no idea where this is going and I like it! I was thinking perhaps Claire’ll travel back in time and meet her husband in another life, then travel further back, meet another one and so on. Did not anticipate this hot red-headed Jamie being the lead character. Don’t know how I didn’t see it coming, though. Anyway, she tried to get back to her time, couldn’t and is now captured by her husband’s evil ancestor. Oh, the drama! I’m sure Jamie will save her. Jamie is growing on me. You know how at first you’re like I don’t if I find this and this person attractive and then after a while, you’re just like, this person is gorgeous. Well, Sam Heughan is gorgeous!

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