Day 1 of writing Me Here Without You Now

I’ve decided to do it, I’m writing a book. I’ve had the idea in my head for so long. I’m doing it. Know the story of it, know it’s a love story after the love story, don’t know where it’ll be set yet, deciding between Ireland and Finland. I’ve never been to Cork but I’ve chosen that my main character is from there. Would be lovely to one day go to Cork and have a book signing. Or just visit. I’ve watched some videos and photos of Cork, it looks like a beautiful city. Thinking back to when I went to Ireland last year. Had no idea about Cork back then. I mean I knew it existed but I haven’t been to it nor thought about it.

Went for a job interview for a teaching position almost 100km away. I can’t do it, it’s too far. it would take me two, three hours a day to just drive to and from. Hoping something comes up soon.

I’ve started watching Outlander. It’s kind of boring, hope it picks up. The reviews are great. Not sure if I find that main character attractive, he’s nothing like Tom Ellis in Lucifer. But I seriously cannot watch Lucifer for the fourth time, three is enough. Even if the writing is so good. And can’t find anything from Tom Ellis, he’s supposed to have a movie out this year but nothing yet. I’ll stick with Outlander for a while, see where it goes.

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