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Welcome to the official website of Edie D. Browning, an aspiring author. Edie has always had a passion for writing and literature, and after many years of teaching English, she has finally decided to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

This website is a platform for Edie to share her journey as a writer, as well as her thoughts and musings on literature, teaching, her favourite TV shows, and life. Here, you’ll find a collection of blog posts, articles, and updates on Edie’s writing projects. Whether you’re an aspiring writer yourself or simply a lover of literature, you’ll find something to inspire and engage you on this site.

As an English teacher, Edie has a deep appreciation for the written word and a keen eye for detail. She draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from classic literature to contemporary fiction, and is constantly exploring new ideas and techniques in her writing.

Through this website, Edie hopes to connect with readers and fellow writers, to share her experiences and insights as an aspiring author, and to create a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about literature and the art of writing. So whether you’re a long-time fan of Edie’s work or just discovering her for the first time, we invite you to explore this site and join us on this exciting journey.

Edie has been sharing her writing journey in her blog posts beginning with Day 1.