Day 38 of writing Me Here Without You Now

I am on a roll, I want to write all the time. I write in the car when I wait for my kids to finish practice, I write on the sofa watching TV, I wake up in the morning, go sit at my computer and write, then forget I’m hungry, only remember when I’m practically starving, make myself some eggs and continue writing. It’s becoming quite an obsession. At night I can’t fall asleep because I keep thinking of where the story goes next so I write on my Notes app on the phone.

I’ve got Waypoints in the mail and began reading it. I’m a few pages in and thinking of going on a hiking trip alone. Perhaps to Scotland. Haven’t told my family, of course. Don’t think they’d appreciate the idea, though. Anyway, it seems a promising book. He talks about not minding being alone and losing his dad early in life. And I can definitely relate, which is something I’ve just discovered. I like being alone. I always worried that there was something wrong with, as I’m not this chatty person, don’t have a lot of friends (more like two friends) and like spending time alone. So, this is quite a breakthrough for me that this is just who I am and that it is perfectly fine to be like this. I’ve also learnt I love writing. it’s so effortless, it just flows. And you get lost in your characters and their lives and there’s nothing better.

Nothing new on the teaching front. At this moment I’m kind of resolved of becoming a writer (more like stay-at-home mom because I’m not making any money from writing – yet). Not really resolved, surrendering to it. Giving it a try, seeing where it takes me. Still applying for teaching positions, though.

Outlander… So much drama, too much drama. Jamie and Claire in a way adopted this French boy Fergus. The poor boy was raped by Jack Randall, then Jamie challenged him to a duel, which is banned in France, although he promised Claire not to kill him because then her husband Frank would die (or not be born) in the future. Which is kind of strange if you think about it because Claire has decided to be with Jamie, therefore abandoning her life in the future, which is now her past, so it makes no difference whether Frank is born or not. But I’m thinking Frank will still prove useful in the future and she will go back to him so he needs to be born. Anyway, Jamie challenges him to a duel and stabs him in the wee-wee when the French police arrest them both. So, he’s facing death again in prison. And you’ve guessed it, not enough drama, Claire arrives at the duel and begins bleeding terribly, going into labour. Something tells me, the baby won’t survive, probably Claire barely as well. But remember, six seasons, nine books, surely Jamie and Claire survive.