Day 28 of writing Me Here Without You Now

Doing it, writing. It’s still slow progress but I’m getting there. Have been to three more interviews for teaching positions but they were all pretty far away, more than an hour drive in one direction, so, I had to decide against it. Still haven’t told anyone about writing a book, it’s my little secret and I intend to keep it that way. Keeps the pressure off me when (if) I fail. No one knows and so if I fail, no one will know either. I have finally come up with the title, so I’m renaming all my posts. Me Here Without You Now. I personally love it because it says so much about the story, about Louise losing the love of her life, about being somewhere unusual (Finland) and that she is dealing with it now. Hope someone else will like it too. I guess I just have to find my tribe, my people. Surely, there’s people like me who’ll like it. I just have to find them. Which is a daunting task because no one knows me and there are so many books out there… No, not going into that rabbit hole again. Just writing it at this point, that’s all. Not thinking what will happen next. And nothing needs to happen. Just writing it!

So much happening on Outlander. It would take hours to recap every single episode, therefore can’t imagine how long it took Diana Gabaldon to write it. I read that she started writing it in 1995. And she is still writing these books after almost thirty years. I love the idea of spending your life writing just in one universe, one family, about the same characters, just adding more and more over time. If I ever get the chance, I would love to stick with Louise and her world, just move on to other people in her life in the past or in the future.

Anyway, Jaime and Claire are still at the French court, where they attempt to gain support for their cause and navigate the political intrigue and treachery, trying to help Bonnie Prince Charles of Scotland to return as the rightful king to Scotland while at the same thing trying to prevent it in a way. It’s complicated! The evil ancestor of Claire’s husband also comes to France and Jamie mustn’t kill him because then Claire’s husband in the future might not be born. It’s complicated! Isn’t her future kind of her past now? Never really understood time travel anyway so not attempting to do that now. There’s more raping, luckily not of Claire but the great-great-great-great (don’t know how many!) grandmother of Claire’s husband from the future. She is traumatized but gets over it quite quickly although she was a virgin before and falls in love with Claire’s husband’s ancestor’s brother (don’t get me with the apostrophes). It’s complicated! It’s a forbidden kind of love, so who knows how that will work, although it must because Frank was born 200 years later. And that can’t change because it just can’t. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of Frank in the future. Jamie on one his visits to the brothel cures his PTSD and can finally make love to his wife once again. Don’t really know how, a woman bit him on the inside of his leg or something. The good news is that the man is cured. You can find more detailed recaps all over the internet, I’m just adding my two cents about it and commenting on the things that I find interesting.

Still haven’t got Waypoints by mail, hopefully soon as I’m getting quite interested in reading it by this point.

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