Day 25 of (not) writing Me Here Without You Now

New year, new me, new promise! This is the year I get my permanent teaching position and publish my first book. Phew! So not happening… “Can someone make it happen?” she whispered. Made a list of all the things I want to make happen this year, rolled up the wishlist and jumped into the new year with it.

I’m in all of these writer’s groups on Facebook, seems such a desperate bunch of people. There’s one constantly posting across the groups how his book is a bestseller and how happy he is, which is actually a post to get people to buy his book because it is supposed to be a bestseller. It’s annoying. Then you have people posting how they’re not making any money from their books. It can be depressing. Anyway, no one from my real life still knows I’m (not) writing a book, so no support there either.

Went to a job interview for an administrative position, sat there for two hours in front of four people asking me all kinds of questions, thinking the whole time that I really don’t want to work here. I really miss my students and want to be back in a classroom.

As for Outlander, I am on Season 2. The show has thrown another curve ball. I keep waiting for the show to settle on a location and travel more through time but it’s a very nomadic type of series. Claire and Jaime are in France. Did not see it coming, let me tell you! Jamie has PTSD. Not from the horrible, unbelivably horrible, flogging he received from Claire’s husband’s ancestor (not sure about the apostrophes!), nor the countless other times he almost died, been hurt, but of course from the rape. Claire doesn’t have PTSD although she has been through WW2, travelled back in time, been accused of witchcraft, (almost) raped four (not sure about that number!) times, etc., etc. No, Jamie is broken, wants to die. Which of course makes sense but come on. We have to do better as a society, the amount of shit women go through in life and no one bats an eye and then men go through something similar and it’s the end of the world. Read so many reviews of this episode, the people are appalled. The man was raped! Anyway, they’re in France, a new beginning for the two, trying to prevent the Scottish uprising because it won’t end well. Off the road, in the parlours.

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