Day 20 of (not) writing Me Here Without You Now

Ordered a bunch of books online. Will use this time to do some reading, perhaps become inspired and actually write my own book. Haven’t been writing still. Don’t see the point. Who will read it anyway? I’ve joined some Facebook groups for writers. Maybe that will bring about more inspiration for me, get me going. Hasn’t so far but you never know. Haven’t told anyone about (not) writing a book. I’m also thinking about making a journal, that seems to be a hype. But again, everyone is making them and surely not all are actually selling them. Who writes in journals nowadays, anyway? I have so many beautiful Paperblanks journals and i don’t write in them. Because they’re just too pretty to write in.

Nothing new jobwise. Haven’t been to any interviews lately. Asking myself what else would I like to do with my life, haven’t got a clue.

I’ve watched the episode Wenthworth Prison of Outlander. I praise the author Diana Gabaldon for writing such a thing, completely in awe. Did not see that coming! And for someone who knows the end of the story ten minutes into it, I love a good plot twist. And in all truth, women being raped is so commonplace in these medieval, historical dramas, it’s become a cliche. And it’s not easy to watch (anymore) but it’s even more difficult to watch when it’s usually just glossed over. Because raping women was just something that happened every day. (I have to research rape in medieval times.) So, to see a man raped is something else. Can’t imagine what that was like filming but Sam Heughan has won my respect, I’ve started following him on Instagram. Yes, I did! Move over, Tom Ellis. I’m one of his over 3 million followers. Tom Ellis has more than two times the followers. I wonder do they check that, do they concern themselves with the number of followers? Is like Sam Heughan jealous of Tom Ellis for having so many more followers? How trivial, right? As they both have millions and millions. Incomprehensible, really.

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